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Welcome to Feels Write Media!

Hi friends! A few months ago, I shared I would be starting a blog or newsletter (I wasn't sure yet) and many of you gave me your emails. Well, here we are! If you've been following @/feelswritemedia on Instagram, you know I was posting writing prompts once a week. While I enjoyed doing that and will continue, I would also like to share them via email. I know not everyone likes social media; this way, more people will be willing to engage in their own time. I will also be sharing writing tips, random thoughts, book reviews, and most importantly, this will be the space you can also use to share your writings with others and any community-building information.

Feels Write Media, what is it?

Feels Write Media was established during my self-publishing journey in 2023. While I wanted to publish more than one book, I also wanted to create a community of writers and inspire individuals who don't consider themselves writers to share their stories. FWM is a place where vulnerability is valued over strength. While strength is important, it should not come at the cost of avoiding vulnerability. Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable is crucial for self-reflection and personal growth. Although it does not always feel right and it's not always easy to feel your feelings, experiencing growth rarely is, right? At Feels Write Media, we use writing as a therapeutic tool to promote healing.

Why is writing important?

Whether you're grappling with emotional challenges, seeking self-discovery, or navigating life's complexities, putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) can be an incredibly transformative and cathartic experience. Here are some reasons why writing as a form of therapy is healing:

Self-Reflection: Writing provides a safe space for self-reflection. Expressing your thoughts on paper can bring clarity.

Emotional Release: Unexpressed emotions can weigh heavily on the soul and body. Our bodies keep scores of emotions, especially the heavy emotions we keep to ourselves.

Connection and Empathy: Sharing our written words, whether privately or publicly, fosters connection and empathy. In expressing our vulnerabilities, fears, and triumphs, we create a bridge to others who may resonate with our experiences.

Storytelling: We all grew up listening to stories about our family, the neighbors, stories from our teachers, and stories about past events. Storytelling is how we connect and how we keep people alive who are no longer with us.

Before we begin with our first writing prompt, let's discuss the importance of preparation time. Writing should not be seen as a burden, rather, view it as a form of exercise. What I mean by this is that you need to allocate a few minutes of your time for preparation, just like you would before a workout. Try to slow down, do a few breathing exercises, avoid distractions, listen to music that helps you feel at ease, and don't rush your process. Find the routine that works best for you, it shouldn't take too long to prepare. Then, let the emotions turn into words, or the words turn into emotions.

Prompt No.1

Write about a simple joy that brings you comfort. Anything that makes you feel like the world isn't so bad after all. Explore the details of this experience and how it has become a source of self-discovery and renewal. What does this say about you?

If you would like to share your answers, send them to me and I will include them in the next newsletter. No pressure! But if you'd like to practice vulnerability and connection, this can be the first step towards that :)

Happy Writing!

With Love,

Diana Resendiz

IG @dianaresendizxo | @feelswritemedia

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Writing helps clear your anxious thoughts!! Thank you

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