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How to love you properly

I came across this poem prompt shared by Ariana the Poet and thought I’d share with you all because it inspired me to write. Here it is:


“Write the instructions on how to love you properly”


I found it to be a beautiful topic because we are often not taught to express how we want to be loved, and we are rarely told how to love the people we care about.


This topic can be explored in many different ways, as we all want to be loved in different ways depending on the person. I chose to focus on romantic love.


how to love me properly


a paradox that asks more questions

than it gives answers


do you still pray

when you’re on the edge of despair?


do you take off your dirty shoes

before walking into a woman’s temple?


show me how you reconstruct your home

after discovering your house is made of glass


tell me what your ego spoke

after the battles you’ve won and lost


how do you transcend the loneliness?

how long do you stay in the void?


do you maintain your kindness

when self-interest or profit isn’t promised?


are you rooted in love?


for yourself, for your kin

for your growth?


do you play Russian roulette

with temptation?


can you admire your neighbor’s grass

while watering yours?


is your own heart safe with you?


only then,

will I know if mine is too


loving me properly

is loving yourself first.



I’d love to read yours! Your poem can be written in the form of a list, essay or whatever you feel the most comfortable with! These are instructions on how to love YOU, so have fun with it!   




Diana Resendiz

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