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A Journey Through Writing

Throughout the past three years, I've come to realize the significance of creating a sense of community and fostering connections with others. When life becomes difficult, we can't rely on someone else to rescue us. However, having a support system in place can make difficult times less destructive. Writing has been a therapeutic outlet for me for more than 15 years. I detest small talk as much as I dislike talking about myself to others. Writing releases me from that pressure. It allows me to take control of my thoughts and feelings, and most importantly, it enables me to process them.

Feels Write Media's objective is to create a safe and welcoming community that allows individuals to share their thoughts freely, thereby promoting healing. Above all, it is a platform that enables us to exchange our stories and realize that we have more similarities than differences.

Let's help each other tell stories, let's connect, and let's heal together!


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